Stored Credential Acknowledgement


PeakCommerce for Zuora, All Editions


Global Administrator, System Administrator

Add a new acknowledgment

To add a new stored credential acknowledgment:

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Acknowledgements. Click "+ New Acknowledgement."
  • Select the Stored Credential acknowledgment type
  • Fill out the remaining fields

Field Definitions:

Field Description
Acknowledgment Type This should be set to Stored Credential
Name The name of the acknowledgment for internal purposes only.
Text The verbiage to display next to the acknowledgment checkbox.
Field Required Message The error message to display if the required checkbox is skipped.

If nothing is added for the Field Required Message, then PeakCommerce's default error message will be displayed.

Hosted Pages

To link a hosted page to a Stored Credential Acknowledgement:

  • Navigate to Payments > Hosted Pages.
  • Create a new Hosted Page using the Hosted Pages set up in Zuora
  • Select a Stored Credential Acknowledgement from the dropdown list

The Stored Credential Acknowledgement field will be mandatory for the following cases:

  • Add a payment method on file
  • To pay an invoice with a new payment method
  • To checkout with a new payment method

Profile Configurations

The Hosted Page gets assigned to a Profile's Configuration so that any e-commerce page or user with this profile will use the Stored Credential checkbox. Those with a different Hosted Page without Stored Credential confugration will not.


The acknowledgment is tracked in PeakCommerce and the Stored Credential profile is automatically set up in Zuora.

You can track a user's acknowledgments by "Viewing" the user in the administrator user's list.

You can also verify the Stored Credential profile in Zuora.