Adding a Journey

To add a journey, login as an administrator and navigate to Subscribe > Journeys.

In the journey list view, click Add Journey button.

Choose the type of journey you'd like to create and enter a name for the journey. The following types of journeys are available:

  • New Order
  • Change Order
  • Renewal Order
  • Cancel Order

Once you've created the journey, there are additional related records that must be created before it can be deployed to a user experience.

Related Records

  • Journey Categories
  • Products
  • Rule Sets (optional)
  • Steps

Journey Configurations

In addition to the related records, journeys have default configurations that can be set to define business logic and behavior.

  • Partner (optional, choose default)
  • Profile
  • Invoice Owner
  • Subscription Term Length
  • Term Type
  • Invoice Separately
  • Term Start Date
  • Contract Effective Date
  • Service Activation Date
  • Customer Acceptance Date

Journeys are assigned to profiles and e-commerce pages to define experiences for end users. To help save time when adding the related records, you can import categories, products, and sub-products (bundles).