Adding a Journey Step


Steps represent the 'pages' that a customer passes through in the e-commerce flow. These steps can include Sign Up, Category, Confirmation and Details, Payment Details, Subscription Terms, and Cancellation.

The look and feel of these steps can be determined in the e-Commerce template assigned to the page. For additional information on e-Commerce pages, view the articles Templates, and E-Commerce Page Concepts.

Steps can be found under Subscribe > Journeys > Actions > View. 

Adding a Step

To add a step click the blue “add step” button in the header of the step section.

There are three different sections that have to be filled. 

  • Number: This is a dropdown that determines the order in which the steps will appear. 
  • Title: A name for the step needs to be filled in, either the same name as the Type, or a custom name to identify the step. This Step name will be displayed in the e-Comm flow navigation bar.
  • Type: Choose the type of step from the dropdown options.

Once all fields are filled click "Add."