Adding a Product

To add a product, go to Subscribe > Segments.

Click 'View' under the actions button on the segment you would like to add a product to.

Under the Products section, click the Add Product button.

The top of the page allows you to enter the basic information required to create a product:

  • Priority: Products appear under categories in order of their priority set.
  • Category: Choose the category you wish to display the product under. To add additional categories, view Adding a Segment Category
  • Currency: Choose the currency for the product as you prefer it to be displayed. The currency must be enabled in your billing system and a price for the currency assigned to the product rate plan charge.
  • Name: You can enter a name that is different from the product name that appears in your billing system. This is especially helpful with bundles which are a collection of rate plans.
  • Product Type: The product type can either be a regular product or it can be a bundle. Regular products are 1:1 with a rate plan in your billing system. Bundles can be a collection of rate plans or a single rate plan with a custom price and discount.
  • Product (Billing System): This field pulls from the product list in your billing system.
  • Product Rate Plan (Billing System): This field pulls from the rate plans in your billing system and is dependent upon the Product field.
  • Use Portal Price: The portal price checkbox enables you to enter a custom price you wish to use instead of using the default price of your rate plan charge. By clicking this checkbox, it will override the price in your billing system.