Adding and Editing a Step


Steps represent the 'pages' that a customer passes through in the e-commerce flow. These steps can include Sign Up, Category, Confirmation and Details, Payment Details, Subscription Terms, and Cancellation.

The look and feel of these steps can be determined in the e-Commerce template assigned to the page. For additional information on e-Commerce pages, view the articles Templates, and E-Commerce Page Concepts.

Steps can be found under Subscribe > Journeys > Actions > View. 

Adding a Step

To add a step click the blue “add step” button in the header of the step section.

There are three different sections that have to be filled. 

  • Number: This is a dropdown that determines the order in which the steps will appear. 
  • Title: A name for the step needs to be filled in, either the same name as the Type, or a custom name to identify the step. This Step name will be displayed in the e-Comm flow navigation bar.
  • Type: Choose the type of step from the dropdown options.

Once all fields are filled click "Add."


Below are the seven types of steps available in PeakCommerce, as well as descriptions and screenshots of each.

Sign Up

This step is used to gather sign up information from the customer in the e-Commerce flow.  


This step is used to bring the categories and products into the e-Commerce flow or in-app. 

Additional Fields:


  • This field pulls in the categories set up in the journey. Selecting one will take the products from the category and display them on a product page. If there is a need to display more than one category clicking and dragging the cursor over multiple categories will select them 

Show Summary 

  • Clicking this checkbox will add the description from your products on the step 

Take Full Width  

  • Selecting this enables the text to take up the full width of the container. This is most useful when the summary is not selected to fill empty space. 

Confirmation and Details

This step displays the checkout information including Bill To/Sold To contacts and the final order summary. This step is used both in the e-Commerce flow, and in-app. 

Thank You

This step displays a thank you message to the customer after they have submitted their order. 

Additional Fields: 


  • The contents and design of the thank you message are determined by the HTML written here. 

Payment Details

This step is used for payment information in the e-Commerce flow and in-app.

Additional fields:

Show Summary 

  • This field determines whether or not the order summary (prices, total, etc.) is shown on the payment step.

P.O. Field 

  • When this box is checked it enables a field to be displayed to the customer on the payment page where they can enter a P.O. number. This P.O. number will be added to the account information in the billing system.  

Subscription Terms

This step is used to add a Terms of Service page. The Terms of Service to be used must be selected in the Journey's General Configurations. 

The Terms of Services are uploaded into the portal under Company Settings > Company Information > Terms of Service. 


This is a step used to allow customers to cancel an existing subscription in-app. The cancellation message displayed to the customer during this step, and the cancellation date are determined in the Journey's Cancellation Configurations.

Editing a Step

Once a Step is created it can be edited. To edit a step hover the cursor over the step that needs to be changed and click Actions > Edit. Editing a step will allow you to change the Number, Title and Type of the step along with any of the additional fields.

When to Use

Certain steps are required for each of the journey types. If missing a required step, the journey will not load in-app or in the e-Commerce page.

New Order Journey

This kind of journey requires the Sign Up, Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps.

Change Order Journey

This kind of journey requires the Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps.

Renewal Order Journey

This kind of journey requires the Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps.

Cancel Order Journey

This kind of journey requires only the Cancellation step.