Auto-Pay Acknowledgment


PeakCommerce for Zuora, All Editions


Global Administrator, System Administrator

Add a new acknowledgment

To add a new stored credential acknowledgment:

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Acknowledgements. Click "+ New Acknowledgement."
  • Select the Auto-Pay acknowledgment type
  • Fill out the remaining fields

Field Definitions:

Field Description
Acknowledgment Type This should be set to Auto-Pay
Name The name of the acknowledgment for internal purposes only.
Text The verbiage to display next to the acknowledgment checkbox.
Field Required Message N/A for Auto-Pay as it is an optional field.


If the ability to control Auto-Pay is enabled on a user's profile, and an Auto-Pay Acknowledgment is assigned, then the Auto-Pay checkbox will be displayed when a user does the following:

1. Adds a new payment method to their account

2. Pays an invoice with a new payment method

3. Turns the Auto-Pay toggle ON 

The checkbox will not be displayed if using an existing payment method or using to toggle to turn Auto-Pay OFF.

This way end users are aware of what it means to sign up for Auto-Pay and there is an audit of their agreement for legal purposes. 

Profile Configurations

The Auto-Pay acknowledgment gets assigned to user cohorts at the profile level. Navigate to Users > Profiles > Actions > Edit > Configurations > Payment Methods > Auto Pay Acknowledgement. All Auto-Pay acknowledgments will appear in a drop-down list to choose from. 


You can track a user's acknowledgments by "Viewing" the user in the administrator user's list. This will show an audit log of when the customer agreed to the Auto-Pay terms to opt in to Auto-Pay.