Bundle Codes


Bundle Code is a custom field on a PeakCommerce product if it is a "bundle" product type. This means multiple rate plans from the billing system can be bundled together into one product for the customer to purchase. The Bundle Code helps identify the collection of rate plans as one unit for tracking purposes.

Company Setting

In the admin navigation under Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Subscription, there is a configuration called "Bundle Code Custom Field."  A custom field at the Subscription Rate Plan level must first be created in the billing system. The API name of this custom field must be manually entered here.

Product Setting

Navigate to Subscribe > Journeys and find the new, update, and renew journeys of your choosing. Click Actions > View to open the journey. Add a new product or edit an existing product. The Product Type should be "Bundle." For the Bundle Code field enter a text string of your choosing. It must be unique to just this product (bundle combination). If the same product spans across new, update, and renewal journeys, then the Bundle Code should be the same on all of them. 

Billing System

The custom field should be created in the billing system Billing Custom fields at the Subscription Rate Plan level. It should be a Text data type. The field can be non-indexed. One would index it if you needed to do queries against it and have it perform better.

Once a PeakCommerce product with a bundle code is purchased, one may go to the subscription in the billing system, click the Edit button on the rate plan, and see the bundle code field has been populated. 

Subscription Management

When a bundle code is used on PeakCommerce products across the new, update, and renewal journeys, then when managing subscriptions in the self-service hub, the bundled product will always appear as one product instead of the split rate plans. If adding a bundle, it will add all of the rate plans. If removing a bundle, it will remove all of the rate plans. It will display the PeakCommerce product Name and the overridden or summed price. 

Please note that Bundle Codes do not work retroactively. For bundled rate plans already added to one's subscription, a Bundle Code field would need to be added to the PeakCommerce product on the Update or Renew journey, and to the Subscription Rate Plan custom field in the billing system. This way the bundle will remain intact when the customer modifies their subscription going forward. 


The Bundle Code does not yet work at the display level of the My Subscription page. The My Subscriptions page can either show products queried from the billing system by the Product Name, Rate Plan Name, or Charge Name, not by Bundle Code. See Product Level Display Name for more information. However, the My Subscriptions page is a fully customizable template so one can utilize HTML/Javascript to modify this page further. Learn More