Company Settings - Message

Custom messages can be written for Hosted Pages and Payment Information.


Two different custom messages can be entered here to customize the customer experience and make it more intuitive. To get to Message Settings, go to Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Message.

To make changes to these settings, click the Edit (see below).

Message Settings

The two custom messages controlled here are for Hosted Pages and Updating Payment Information. Each has a text box for writing the message HTML.

Custom Error Message on Hosted Payment

This field allows a custom error message to be written to display to the customer when a Hosted Page fails to load. This message is triggered when the Billing system is down or unable to connect. 

Custom Message to Update Payment Information

Once a customer in the e-Commerce flow or a Partner/Sales Rep in-app enters payment info and proceeds past the payment page, the payment I-frame disappears. This allows a custom message to be put into the payment page when users go back to change their payment info. This message does not apply to account management.