Company Settings - Notifications

Recipients can be added to receive email notifications for error reports.


To get to Notification settings, go to Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Notifications.

To make changes to these settings, click the Edit (see below).

Notification Settings

There are two Notification Settings to control who receives the emails reporting errors.


This field allows email addresses to be added to receive notifications of error reports. There is a dropdown list to select from that pulls emails from the users in PeakCommerce. Any role other than customers can be added to this list. There are a total of 4 different types of error notifications that will be sent to this list. 

  1. When a Billing System account and subscription is created successfully but the lead fails to convert.
  2. When there is a failure to sync the CRM Id to the Billing System.
  3. When there is a failure to create an account in the CRM System from in-app signup. 
  4. When there is a failure to override the account number in the CRM System with the Billing System account number.
  5. When a Case fails to create in the CRM System.

Sales Reps to receive notifications?

When the box is checked, this field allows Sales Reps to receive email notifications of error reports along with the people in the previous Recipients field.