Customer Retention Flow

How to enable a retention flow in the customer portal during cancellations.


When a customer logs into the portal to manage their subscriptions and attempt to cancel, they can be prompted with questions to collect information in Salesforce regarding their cancellation, as well as be prompted with an offer to sway them into keeping their subscription. The customer can still continue to cancel if needed.

To swap out the traditional cancellation flow experience for a retention flow experience, follow the steps below. 

Retention Segment

To build a Retention Segment navigate to Subscribe > Segments > Add Segment. Name the segment and select the Retention type. Next, find the segment in the segment list and click Actions > View. 


Create a category to house the promotion product(s).


Add new products. If the product is a discount rate plan, you will want to select "Bundle" for the product type. This allows you to see the Discount Percentage or Discount Fixed Amount and override the values if necessary. This will override the prices on the subscriptions modified by this segment only, and will not touch the prices in your product catalog. Select a retention product template from the dropdown list. 

Retention product HTML is different from other product HTML, they are not compatible. A base retention product HTML template is provided to build off of. To create more retention product templates, navigate to Templates > All Templates > Add Template. Name your template and select "Retention Offer" from the dropdown list of system templates. This will populate our default HTML. This can be edited further. Be sure to check the "Active" checkbox and the "Retention Segments Only" checkbox in order for this template to populate in the dropdown list for Product HTML on the segment product. 


Create steps for the pages a customer should go through if not proceeding to cancel. Should they choose to cancel, then it will use the default cancellation which does not require a step. At a minimum, the flow would need a Category (product) step and a Confirmation & Details step. You may choose to add Content steps to add in any questions or information before the customer checks out or cancels. 

To gather customer information into Salesforce, one can configure a Why are You Canceling? step. This page can ask the customer why they are canceling and surface a custom picklist of options from Salesforce for them to choose from. The answer will then be populated on the account in Salesforce after they complete this step, regardless of if they choose to cancel or not. 


Under the segment configurations for Cancellation, there are two optional fields Retention Answer Custom Field (Picklist Value) and Retention Answer Custom Field (Other Value). This is where custom Account level fields from Salesforce can be pulled in. The first is for a picklist type field, the second is for an open text type field. All Account fields of that type will be provided in a dropdown list to choose from. 


To enable this feature for specific cohorts of customers, navigate to Users > Profiles > select the profile of choice > Actions > Edit > Configurations Tab > Segments. Select a retention segment from the dropdown list. If no retention segment is provided here, cancellations will process as usual. If a retention segment AND a cancellation segment are both provided, the retention segment will be used first, and then will use the cancellation segment after the retention flow has been used. 


There is a hard set limit of one successful retention promotion checkout per customer account. They can view the retention flow as many times as they want across subscriptions, but if they choose the promotional product and update their subscription, then they will not be presented with the retention flow again. Only straight cancellations.