Hiding Payment Details from Analytics
  • 03 Feb 2021
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Hiding Payment Details from Analytics

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Some companies may wish to use an analytics integration such as FullStory to track customers' experiences in the e-commerce flow. However, when doing so it can be important to protect user's privacy by excluding sensitive information such as billing details.

In PeakCommerce's e-comm experience, payment details are entered directly into a Hosted Page hosted by the integrated billing system such as Zuora. To exclude these fields from analytics, you can add css .fs class to the hosted page fields directly in the HPMS in Zuora.

To exclude additional information during PeakCommerce's e-commerce flow, this can be easily achieved with Javascript on the e-commerce template. Below is an example snippet of code.

$(document).ready(function() { $('#bill_to_email').addClass('fs-exclude'); });

Below are valid CSS input selectors for Bill To contact details in the payment step. The same would apply for Sold To contact details by replacing "bill_to" with "sold_to".


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