Error Messaging

PeakCommerce for Zuora, All Editions

Global Administrator, System Administrator


PeakCommerce can use error codes sent by Zuora's API to map to custom error messaging displayed to the end user.

  • Navigate to User Interface > Error Messaging.
  • Click "+ New Message."

The fields for this feature include:

  • Error Code
    This is the error code received on the back end. To be provided by PeakCommerce.
  • Use Source Message
    This will surface the error verbiage Zuora provides to the end customer. If left unchecked, one can enter custom verbiage instead.
  • Custom Message Text
    This custom verbiage will be surfaced to the end customer if not using the source message. It can be managed in the admin portal at any time.
  • Blocker
    If checked, the end user will not be able to proceed past their current page unless the errors are resolved.

Supported Use Cases

Tax Error

If utilizing a tax engine integrated with Zuora, this system will check to make sure the Sold To contact Zip Code is valid and matches the State.

If the address is not valid for taxation, an error may be thrown. The error passed to PeakCommerce via API is not always customer friendly. This feature allows clients to work with PeakCommerce to tie custom verbiage to the error codes sent behind the scenes.

The error can be set as a blocker to prevent the end user from proceeding unless they fix their Sold To address information.