Journey Configuration: General


The General settings in Journey Configurations assign items such as Terms of Service, Partner, and Confirmation to subscriptions created using products in this journey.

General Journey Configurations are located under Subscribe > Journeys > View Journey > Configuration > General. To make changes to these settings, click Edit.

General Settings

There are six settings that can be managed in this tab to control Configurations for the categories and products of this journey. These settings include Terms of Service, Other Category, Other Product HTML, Default Partner Selection, Confirmation Box, Confirmation HTML, and Use Bill Run for Invoice Processing. These are all optional fields.

Terms of Service

This configuration is being deprecated.

Other Category

This category is a catch-all for subscription updates and renewals. On Change Order or Renewal Order journeys, an additional category with no products should be created and assigned here. It can be named something like "Legacy Products" "Other Category" "Current Products" etc. If the user's current products cannot be found within the products created in the Change or Renewal journey, it will still be able to display the user's current products within the subscription flow (listed under this category.) 

Other Product HTML

In association with the previous setting, Other Product HTML is used to display a user's current products with this HTML design in the case that their product is not a part of the Change/Renewal order journey with its own HTML assigned there.

You may choose an existing product HTML template from the dropdown options. 

Default Partner Selection

This is an optional field that would assign all accounts subscribed to products within this journey, to a default partner. These subscriptions would be children's accounts to the partner specified here.

Confirmation Box

This checkbox enables or disables additional confirmation/terms of service text to be incorporated into the confirmation step. If a confirmation page is not being used, this will be incorporated into the Payment step. 

Confirmation HTML

This HTML determines the additional text that can be embedded in a confirmation step (or payment step if skipping the confirmation step) if the previous setting is enabled.

Required Acknowledgements

If multiple Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other checkboxes must be included on the confirmation page, you can multi-select from acknowledgments checkboxes that have already been configured. To learn more, view:

Bill Run for Invoice Processing

This feature applies to invoice generation for subscription amendments and orders including updates and renewals. If this feature is enabled, future-dated subscription amendments and orders using this journey will not generate an invoice until the bill run's target date is equal to or greater than the amendment or order's effective date. If this feature is disabled, invoices will generate every time a subscription amendment or order is processed.