Journey Configuration: Payment Details


In this part of a Journey's Configurations, it can be determined whether or not to require payment details during the checkout flow. This works for e-Commerce new orders and in-app new, update, and renewal orders.

Navigate to a Journey > View > Configuration > Payment Details.

Capture Payment Details for 0 Balance Orders

Click Edit at the top of the Configurations box. This setting can be enabled by checking the check box and then clicking Update.


PeakCommerce's out-of-the-box process does NOT require a payment method on $0 balance orders. In this case, on the payment step, a "No Payment Method Required" message will appear while the user advances to the Confirmation step.


When this feature is enabled, it becomes mandatory for the user to enter a payment method on the payment step in order to proceed through the checkout flow. This way companies can capture payment information for $0 trials that auto-convert to paid recurring subscriptions.

This setting does not apply to negative balance orders. Payment details are never required for negative balance orders.