Journeys Overview


Journeys, formerly known as segments, allow subscriber journeys to be created that are assigned to profiles and e-Commerce pages. They consist of the following sections: Categories, Products, Rules, Steps, and Configuration. 

To view a list of all Journeys, click on the left hand navigation and then go to Subscribe > Journeys.

Search Journeys

At the top of the Journey page, there is a search bar to quickly find a journey by name. The list of journeys can also be sorted by Name, Journey Type, Categories, Products, or Rules in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column titles. 

Journey Actions

On the Journey page, there are four actions that can be taken: Add, View, Edit, and Delete.

Adding a Journey establishes the Name and Type for a new Journey that will need further setup and customization after creation. Viewing a journey allows for the configuration and management of all the components of a journey. Editing a journey changes the Name and Type of an existing journey. Deleting a journey removes it.

For additional information on these actions, view:

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Journeys are made up of the following components:


Journey Categories group products together for the end-users to see and choose from. Effectively grouping products improves the customer experience by making the e-Commerce flow more user-friendly. Being that categories are customer-facing, they should be named based on terms the customers use. The categorization of products can determine the amount of time the user spends on the site and whether or not they decide to complete their purchase.

For additional information on categories, view:

  • Adding and Editing a Category


A Product in PeakCommerce is the customer-facing product offerings of a company. PeakCommerce products use the Product, Rate Plan, and Rate Plan Charges established in the Billing System linked to PeakCommerce, along with settings such as Currency and Name. Different templates can be applied to a Product to determine the display of the product options in the customer experience.

For additional information on Products, view:

  • Product Concepts
  • Adding a Product
  • Editing a Product
  • Bundled Products

Rule Sets

Rule Sets are an optional component of Journeys that allow additional actions to be triggered by events in the e-Commerce flow. Additional rules will be provided when this feature is expanded in the future.


Steps represent the 'pages' that a customer passes through in the e-Commerce flow. These Steps can include Sign Up, Category, Confirmation and Details, Payment Details, Subscription Terms, and Cancellation.


Configurations are the default settings that define business logic and behavior. Configurations are applied Journey-wide to all categories and products within the Segment. There are 4 Configuration tabs to navigate between; General, Terms, Cancellation, and Contact Details.


The General settings in Journey Configurations assign items such as Terms of Service, Partner, and Confirmation to subscriptions created using products in this Segment.


The Terms settings determine the default terms for subscriptions created in-app by Partners and Sales Reps. 


These settings are only applicable to Cancel Order type Segments. 

Contact Details

These fields control which contact fields are displayed to or required by the customer when going through the e-Commerce flow.

For additional information on Configurations, view: 

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