Pay by PO Feature

Collect a PO number during checkout flows and have the value written to various objects in the billing system for tracking.


Payment options during a checkout flow include Credit Card, ACH, Direct Debit, SEPA, PAD, ApplePay, Skip Payment, and Pay by PO. 

If paying by PO, a PO Number and a PO Name can be collected from the end-user before they checkout in an e-commerce flow, or when adding, updating, or renewing subscriptions in-app.


In the billing system, custom fields (Text) should be created for PO Number and PO Name (optional) at the object of choice. Options include Account, Subscription, Rate Plan Charge, Amendment, or Order. You will need the API name of the custom field(s). 


To configure Pay by PO, navigate in the admin portal to Payments > Payment Methods. For PO click Actions > Edit. Check the Active checkbox. Select from the dropdown list the billing object to be used for PO. The options include Account, Subscription, Rate Plan Charge, Amendment, or Order. Paste in the API names for the custom field(s) from the billing system. Then click OK to save changes.


To enable this option for certain users or certain e-commerce pages, navigate to Profiles > select the profile of choice > Actions > Edit > Configurations tab > Payment Methods > Pay by PO. Check the PO checkbox and Update the page.