Payment Terms Checkbox

PeakCommerce provides a feature to present a payment terms acknowledgement during the purchasing journey.


PeakCommerce for Zuora, All Editions


Global Administrator, System Administrator

Setting Up a New Acknowledgment

To introduce a new acknowledgment for stored credentials:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Acknowledgements and click on "+ New Acknowledgement."
  2. Choose the Payment Terms as the acknowledgment type.
  3. Complete the subsequent fields.

Field Descriptions:

Field Description
Sequence Dictates the order for checkboxes if several appear on one page.
Acknowledgment Type Should be designated as Payment Terms.
Name Represents the acknowledgment's name, intended for internal use.
Text Specifies the wording adjacent to the acknowledgment checkbox.
Field Required Message Defines the error prompt if the mandatory checkbox is bypassed upon confirmation.

Should the 'Field Required Message' be left blank, the default error message from PeakCommerce will surface.


In situations where a Payment Terms Acknowledgment is linked to a profile:

  1. The Payment Terms checkbox becomes visible when a user:

    • Introduces a fresh payment method to their account.
    • Settles an invoice using a new payment method.
  2. This checkbox remains hidden if users deploy a previously added payment method. Such a design ensures that users consent to the payment conditions for novel payment modes, adhering to legal stipulations.

Adjusting Profiles

The Payment Terms acknowledgment is allocated to specific user groups at the profile stage. To do this:

  1. Head to Users > Profiles > Actions > Edit > Configurations > Payment Methods > Payment Terms Acknowledgement.
  2. All available Payment Terms acknowledgments will be showcased in a dropdown menu for selection.
  3. Commit your changes by saving the profile.

Record Keeping

Administrators can monitor portal users' acknowledgments. By selecting a specific user from the admin's user list, they can view an audit trail detailing when the user consented to the Payment Terms and which iteration of the terms was agreed upon.