Configure a Match Quantity Rule

Customers often have the need to have one product quantity match a base product quantity in a checkout flow. It's not enough to assume the customer will select the same quantity for each, so we create a rule to enforce the same quantity.

For example, if you are subscribing to the Premium Plan and have 5 licenses, then you must also choose the Premium Support Plan and 5 licenses.

We introduce the 'Match Quantity' rule:

The first branch of the rule is the initial base product. You need to enter the Id of the base product. 

IF Product1.Id = 66, AND

The second branch also applies to the base product and is to specify that if it is selected, then perform the match function.

Product1.Id = 66 IS SELECTED, AND

The third branch is for the related dependent product. If the base product is selected, and the quantities are not the same, then match quantities.

Product2.Id = 73 AND

Product1.Quantity IS NOT EQUAL TO Product2.Quantity


In order to match quantities for each product, you will need to create a similar rule for each product dependency.