Adding Journey Rules

On a journey, one can assign rules for the products included in this flow, and the customer behavior when making purchasing decisions.

1. Add Rule Set

The Rule Set will need a name, event, priority (order to execute), and currency.

Events the rule can be triggered off of include: 

  • Quantity Changed
  • Plan Selected
  • Step Confirmed
  • Page Loaded

2. View The Rule Set to add and view rules within it

3. Add Rule

The rule will need a name, priority (order to execute), and IF and THEN statements. Uncheck the "Always True" checkbox to add an IF statement. 


  • Id (PeakCommerce Product Id)
  • Existing Subscription
  • Name (PeakCommerce Product Name) 
  • Quantity
  • Selected
  • Second.Id (PeakCommerce Product Id of the second product selected) 
  • Second.Name (PeakCommerce name of the second product selected) 
  • Second.Quantity (Quantity of second product selected)
  • Second.Selected (Second product selection)
  • Rel.First.Quantity (the relationship of quantity between the first and second products) 

All Subscription custom fields from the billing system will populate as other optional IF factors.

IF Relations


  • Equal To
  • Less Than
  • Less or Equal To 
  • Greater Than
  • Greater or Equal To
  • Between
  • Not Between


  • Equal To
  • Not Equal To
  • Begins With
  • Doesn't Begin With
  • Contains
  • Doesn't Contain
  • Ends With
  • Doesn't End With
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty

THEN Actions

- Raise Error

- Deactivate Plans

- Select Plans

- Enforce Minimum

- Enforce Maximum

- Enforce Min and Max

- Match Quantity

- Hide Categories

- Hide Products