Self-Service Portal Page Names

In the User Interface table, elements from the PeakCommerce portal including buttons, titles, error messages, etc. can be renamed and translated.

Navigate to User Interface > UI Elements. There are two ways to navigate to the Page titles.

  1. Click Show All to view all elements in the table. Search the page for the following page names.
  2. Click the View Tree link in the "Showing all textable UI elements under Element Path: Site (View Tree)" text. Then expand Authorized Layout and Page Titles.

The following end-user facing pages can be renamed.

  • My Account
  • My Subscriptions
  • My Cases
  • Customer Accounts
  • General Account Settings (user's My Profile page)
  • Add New Client
  • Signup New Subscription
  • Edit Subscription
  • Renew Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription

Renaming these pages will change the tab label in the browser.