SendGrid Integration for Email Communications

PeakCommerce can configure the integration for your tenant on the back end. However, there is now an Email Integrations page in the admin portal where you can integrate with your SMTP provider yourself. At this time, this self-serve feature only supports SendGrid.

Activate Feature

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Company Information > Features.

  2. For the SendGrid feature, click Actions > Edit.

  3. Check the Activated checkbox and click OK to save

Note: For more information on this feature, you can click Actions > More Details to view the details below.

Enter API Key

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Email > SendGrid.

  2. Click Edit on the SendGrid Settings and enter your SendGrid API key.
  3. Click Update to save.

With this feature activated, and the API key entered, all emails out of PeakCommerce will now go through your own SendGrid account.