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One of the Steps necessary on a segment is the Payment Details step. This usually contains fields to capture contact information, along with payment information (credit card or bank account details), an Order Summary, and sometimes Terms of Service. This part of the flow can now be separated into two separate steps; one to collect account/contact information, and one to collect the payment method details.


Although this feature increases the number of steps in the checkout flow, it can reduce redundancy of information the customer must enter in order to checkout. If the contact details are entered on a previous page, then when the Hosted Page i-frame from Zuora populates on the secondary page, it can be pre-populated with the name, email, phone number, and address information that was already entered. This is useful if your payment gateway requires you to collect a full address, email, and phone number along with payment information. These pre-populated fields can still be overwritten if the payment information differs from the Bill To contact.

How to Use

To use this feature, navigate to Subscribe > select a segment > Actions > View. Then navigate to the Steps. Within your steps, typically after the Category and Signup steps, you will want to add an Account Information step and a Payment Details Step.

For the Account Information step, no additional information is required other than the Number of the step and the Name.

For the Payment Details step, there is a new configuration which must be checked off. In addition to the Number of the Step and the Name, check the "Billing Info on Separate Step" checkbox.

If you do not wish to utilize this feature, simply omit the Account Information step from the segment, and do not check the "Billing Info on Separate Step" checkbox for the Payment Details step.