Stored credential transactions overview

To comply with the Stored Credential Transactions (SCTs) framework, PeakCommerce provides support for SCTs for specific payment methods and payment gateways


PeakCommerce for Zuora, All Editions


Global Administrator, System Administrator


When creating a payment method, if you do not implement the support for SCTs on the payment method, the payment method will be created without the stored credential profile.

For payment methods created before Zuora released the support for SCTs, if you have not implemented Zuora's SCTs support on these payment methods, the payment methods do not have stored credential profiles within them.

Payment methods

Zuora supports stored credential transactions for the following types of payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay - Support for stored credential transactions for Apple Pay is only available on the CyberSource Payment API v2.0 gateway integration.

For the supported card brands on the specific payment gateway integrations, see Payment gateways in the following section.

Stored credential profiles

Zuora supports the following types of stored credential profiles:

  • Recurring profile: Indicates that you have obtained the customer’s consent to initiate future transactions at regular intervals.
  • Unscheduled profile: Indicates that you have obtained the customer’s consent to initiate future transactions that do not occur on scheduled or regularly occurring transaction dates. Only one Unscheduled profile is allowed for each payment method. Currently, the Unscheduled profile is only supported in Chase Orbital Gateway integration.

When configuring your Zuora tenant, the goal is to contain an Active stored credential profile for the payment methods created on the preceding gateway instances.

PeakCommerce Overview

If 3D Secure 2.0 is required by the payment gateway and enabled on Hosted Pages in Zuora, then a Stored Credential Profile is required for new payment methods.

PeakCommerce accomodates this by allowing an acknowledgement for Stored Credential Profiles to be configured and assigned to PeakCommerce Hosted Pages (which can be proliferations of the same Hosted Pages in Zuora). Because Hosted Pages are assigned at the profile level, then this acknowledgement can be used for certain cohorts of customers and not used for others.

This Acknowledgement features a mandatory checkbox and a custom message. For any payment flows that use a PeakCommerce Hosted Page with this acknowledgment enabled, the end user will be required to agree to Stored Credential terms before adding the payment method or processing payment with the new payment method. The checkbox will be featured at the bottom of the Hosted Page.

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