Suspending Users


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Global Administrator or System Administrator

If an employee is terminated, or you revoke a customer's access, you might also want to suspend the record. Suspended users will still appear in the user record list.

Here are some cases in which you would want to suspend a user record:

  • You do not want to delete the record because it contains information that you might need in the future for record-keeping or auditing purposes. Also, the user could return (employee might be rehired or a partner might sign a new contract) and you could make the record active again.

  • You want to temporarily remove the user’s access to PeakCommerce and restore it later.

When you suspend a user:

  • The user’s profile and role assignments are saved. If the record is later made active again, the user can access PeakCommerce as they did before being suspended.

To suspend a user:

  1. Open the user record page.

    • User > All Users 

  2. Click Edit beside the user record you want to suspend.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the user page.

  4. Check the Suspend buttton.