Unable to Login to PeakCommerce

There could be a number of reasons why customers are not able to login to PeakCommerce.

Here are some common scenarios that users may encounter:

  1. Forgetting the username and password: Users may forget their login credentials and need assistance in recovering them.
  2. Changes in billing system integration: There may be instances where the username and password for the billing system integration have changed, expired, or the account has been deactivated. Users will need to update their information accordingly.
  3. Deletion from PeakCommerce: If a user's account is deactivated in the billing system, their account in PeakCommerce will also be deleted. This is a standard procedure to ensure data consistency.
  4. Single Sign-On issues: If a user is using Single Sign-On (e.g., logging in with Salesforce, Google, or Facebook), they may experience issues if their account is deactivated or deleted in the originating application. It is essential to check the user's status in the originating application and ensure that their username or password has not changed.

The most common occurrence is the deactivation of the integration user. This user is set up in the administrative section of PeakCommerce. If this happens, it is recommended to either update the integration user's information or reactivate their account.

If you encounter any of these situations, please follow the recommended steps to resolve the issue promptly.