User Profile


A profile groups together users to determine their customer experience and permissions. Profiles get assigned to a user along with a role to determine what the user can see and do when they log into PeakCommerce. A role determines the user's general experience and view, whereas profiles customize the abilities and permissions on a much more granular level. For more information on roles, view Viewing and Understanding User Roles. 

Some examples of how to group users by profiles include: 

  1. Customers, Sales Reps, and Partners. 
  2. Different profiles for different currencies or languages. 
  3. VIP customers with more capabilities vs. standard customers with fewer capabilities. 

To manage Profiles, navigate to Users > Profiles.

Profile Actions

On the Profiles page, there are three actions that can be taken: Add, Edit, and View.

Add a Profile

To add a profile click the "Add Profile" button at the top of the section. All that is needed to start a profile is a name. From here the profile will need to be edited.

Editing a Profile

To edit a profile click "Actions" followed by "Edit" on the profile of choice

From here most of the settings in the 7 tabs can be modified by changing the bubble option. Not all settings are applicable to all roles. If the setting is not applicable to the role, it will not matter which option is selected. 

Viewing a Profile

To view a profile click "Actions" followed by "View" on the profile of choice. Viewing a profile brings up a similar display to "Edit Profile" but the settings are locked and may not be adjusted or updated. This is for viewing purposes only.

Profile Settings

Profiles contain 7 tabs of settings that can customize the user's experience and permissions. These tabs are as follows:


My Account

These settings control the user's ability to view and manage their own account in the portal, including payment methods, and contact info.


For additional information on My Account settings, view

My Subscriptions

These settings control the user's ability to view and manage their own subscriptions in the portal, including update, cancel, renew, or add subscriptions. 


For additional information on My Subscriptions settings, view:

This applies only to Account Executives or Partner Account Executives. These settings control what power Sales Reps/Partners have over their customer or child's accounts and subscriptions.


For additional information on My Customers settings, view:

  • Profile: My Customers (coming soon!)

My Cases

This allows PeakCommerce to integrate with a support ticketing system and use custom pages for cases. The permissions on the profile level determine whether or not the user can see, create, or edit their support cases.  


For additional information on My Cases settings, view:

  • Profile: My Cases (coming soon!)

Pay Invoices

These settings control the user's ability to view and pay their own invoices, and which payment methods they are able to use to do so. 


For additional information on Pay Invoices settings, view:


These settings control an assortment of things including assigned segments, USD Hosted Pages, language, extra currencies, and communication profiles.


For additional information on Configurations settings, view:


These settings apply to extra currencies assigned to the profile in Configurations. This is where Hosted Pages for foreign currencies are assigned to the profile.