What SalesForce Apps does PeakCommerce natively integrate with?

PeakCommerce natively integrates with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

A full integration with Salesforce Revenue Cloud (CPQ & Billing) allows PeakCommerce to provide harmonious commerce experiences.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Though the ecommerce journey, there are a few interaction points with Salesforce. When the website visitor initially enters their email address, a lead is created in Salesforce. If that visitor eventually purchases, that lead is converted to an account and the id of that user is entered into Zuora on the customer account record.

For the in-app new customer creation journey (a sales rep or CSR creating the new customer), the account in Salesforce is immediately created after the order is submitted and the id of the user is entered into Zuora on the customer account record. A lead is not created initially during the in-app journey.

Salesforce Service Cloud

For case management, PeakCommerce is fully integrated with Salesforce to allow users to create, edit, comment on, and view their cases. This allows for a 360 view of case history for both the user and the Customer Support Rep.

Salesforce Communities

PeakCommerce customers may use Salesforce communities for a knowledge base to deliver content to their customers. As a result, customers will login to Communities and through single sign-on, they will be able to automatically logged into PeakCommerce without having to re-authenticate with their username and password.

Other Apps

PeakCommerce sends data to Zuora and Salesforce in real-time; therefore, it is possible to use that data by any other Salesforce App with access to those objects and data records.