What will our Web team need to do over and above the SSO setup?

The customer IdP will need to pass information when first logging in from the SSO process so the PeakCommerce IdP can create the user with those values to know which account to display.

To enable SSO via OpenId, PeakCommerce requires the Issuer URL for the discovery document and the Client Id. You may need to configure the OIDC issuer with the callback URL: https://subdomain.auth0.com/login/callback.

Additionally, PeakCommerce needs an additional attribute that contains the Zuora account ID. You have the flexibility to use your own namespace or a PeakCommerce one. For example, some customers send it to us in this format: https://www.domain.com/zuoraId. However, we can accept any named attribute you send and tailor our process to extract that value and connect the PeakCommerce user to their Zuora account.