Zuora Central Sandbox Refresh

Understanding the implications of refreshing the Zuora Central Sandbox and the setup of PeakCommerce


Zuora for PeakCommerce


When integrating a PeakCommerce Sandbox with a Zuora Central Sandbox, it's important to factor in various considerations during the refresh of the Zuora Central Sandbox from Production.

API Integration User

To facilitate PeakCommerce's Billing Integration, an integration user must be established in the Zuora Production tenant and synced to the Zuora Central Sandbox. Should the user exclusively be in the Zuora Central Sandbox, it will be deleted during a sandbox refresh, thereby disrupting the PeakCommerce Billing Integration.

For the creation of a new Integration user and updating credentials in PeakCommerce, refer to these articles:

If the Zuora Central Sandbox refresh settings are configured to reset user passwords, you'll need to assign a fresh password to the PeakCommerce Sandbox Integration user. Simultaneously, generate a new Client Id and Client Secret. Both these credentials are closely linked.

Hosted Pages

Refreshing the Zuora Central Sandbox from Production also updates the hosted page configurations. Consequently, the hosted page 'Hosted Domains' will direct to PeakCommerce Production URLs rather than the sandbox endpoints. It's imperative to adjust these URLs in the Zuora Central Sandbox for all PeakCommerce-associated hosted pages; otherwise, errors will emerge during PeakCommerce payment procedures. Ensure that the Hosted Pages in Zuora direct to a testing gateway, not the production gateways. The assigned gateway in Zuora should align with the one in PeakCommerce.

Invoice Settlement

For those leveraging Invoice Settlement in Zuora, a parallel feature in PeakCommerce should be activated to ensure proper payment processing. This can be located at Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Subscription. If "Invoice Settlement" is activated, the "Gateway Id" field must also contain a payment gateway id. If there's any change to the payment gateway ids in the sandbox following the Zuora refresh, this id must be updated; otherwise, PeakCommerce won't process payments correctly.

Tax Engine

When integrating a tax engine with Zuora, remember that the Zuora Central Sandbox refresh replicates the Production configurations into the Sandbox. Any discrepancies between Sandbox and Production might disrupt both Zuora and PeakCommerce operations.

For instance, complications can arise if:

  • Zuora Production links to a Production Tax Engine environment like Avalara.
  • The Zuora Central Sandbox needs to connect to a Sandbox Tax Engine environment instead of its production counterpart.
  • The Zuora Central Sandbox doesn't employ a tax engine, but Production does.
  • Tax codes in Production differ from those in the Sandbox.

If any of these scenarios are applicable, errors might appear when orders are made through PeakCommerce e-commerce pages or in-app functionalities.

To resolve such issues, post-refresh tax configurations in the Zuora Central Sandbox should either be revised (update or eliminate credentials and tax codes) or be entirely removed.